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Innovative Design with Dogs in Mind

We understand that you don’t see your furry friend as a pet, they are part of the family and deserve the same level of careful consideration when choosing food, accessories and lifestyle items that you’d pick for yourself and your loved ones. 

Fortunately, the pet care industry is constantly pushing the envelope with creative and innovative objects that are more effective, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing. We picked out some fabulous and ingenious items that will not only please your pup but enhance your beautifully curated spaces.

Noise Cancelling Dog House

One of the biggest challenges for dog owners is their sensitivity to loud noises. According to Deezen, The UK RSPCA estimates that 45 percent of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. Ford combines the same active noise-cancelling technology it uses in it’s EDGE SUV with an innovative design for this futuristic “house” that will look great in any modern setting, and keep your best friend’s stress at a minimum. Learn more here.

Innovative design for dogs

Modern Day Doggy Door

We’re always working out creative design solutions and appreciate when genius meets function with these fun doggie doors. Take a spin on the usual door within a door and create your dog’s own personal entrance in your wall, complete with matching trim and a lock!

Other options include concealing one in cabinetry so they are not immediately obvious to visitors and can be hidden away. Sherry Hart’s glass block integrates seamlessly for the win.

Innovative design for dogs
Images: L: Southern Living, R: Sherry Hart Designs

Under the Stairs

Maximize every bit of spare square footage with these great ideas for doggy homes under your stairs. Use this gift space as a way to integrate design elements from your staircase or surrounding areas, while providing a special retreat for your dog.

Create a stylish nook that relates to the same concept in your kitchen, like this adorable dog door that matches the design of wooden stairs behind it. If you prefer an open concept style, you only need a few pillows or a dog mattress and some select “woof” decor.


Fancy Luxury Dog Houses

Our best friends will love their fancy home more than their human one! These backyard structures are well thought out and range from minimal design to fully customizable.

All of their needs are met in the above high-end house by Pijuan Design Workshop. Or opt for simplicity with a durable corrugated plastic roof and overhang, perfect for rain or shine.

Modern Accessories

The objects that will fill your space to provide comfort and functionality for your dog are always of utmost interest. We love the sleek lines and minimal design the Polish design company HelloPet has created with their raised feeders and adorable hideout dens. The felted teepee offers your pet the feeling of comfort and safety while looking really cool in your corner.

Innovative design for dogs

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