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How Art in Your Home Can Make a Stunning Impact

“Art in your home can make a significant impact by adding color, personality, setting a mood, and simply sparking joy.”

Lisa Frantz, Vogue Magazine

Adding art to your home has its benefits on so many different levels. Beyond the obvious reasons of aesthetic value, it’s a way to share your personality and tell your stories. Art can spark emotions of joy, wonder, or introspection. From paintings to photographs to sculptural pieces, it can add color, texture, style, and meaning. With awareness and a touch of skill, it can pull together a room and make it come alive. We’re here to help inspire!  

Art by Eugene Brodsky. Click here to view this project.

Add Personality To Your Home

Art is a means of expression and should be integrated in your home to reflect your style, your interests, and the atmosphere you wish to convey. Whether it creates feelings of whimsy, surprise, sophistication, or all of the above, art rounds out the impression of your home. 

Add Color & Texture To Your Room

Artwork can be the focal point of the room or used to enhance a neutral color palette, while complementing the style and design of your space. Adding just the right pops of color and texture can create an eye-catching affect.

Decide on the vibe you want to create in a room, whether it’s calm and serene in the bedroom or bold and daring in the dining room. Using the texture of a piece can help build a more dynamic design, or ensure balance in the room by drawing the eye to a certain area or level.

Art in your home
Art by Hunt Slonem. Click here to view this project.

Tell Your Stories

Your art choices can tell a lot about your history, heritage, interests and more. If you like to entertain, these stories can easily provoke conversation and encourage a steady flow of dialogue, so make sure it represents you!

Support Local Artists

The right art for you should not be about a minimum price point. Look to emerging artists and you’re not only supporting the local arts but will have an investment that can grow in value over time.

Sears Peyton Gallery in New York City and Los Angeles always offers a fantastic selection of art. For a guide to local galleries in Aspen, Chicago, or any city, click here.

“2021 is the year of the artisan and the time to buy statement objects for the home that make us feel good! Whether it is art, sculpture or a collected object from a favorite place or culture, buy pieces that evoke happiness.”

Lisa Frantz, Vogue Magazine

Create an Uplifting Mood

The proven studies don’t lie… art can relieve mental fatigue, decrease stress levels, and spark joy on a daily basis. Choose artwork that has meaning and represents the feelings you want to enhance. Add more fun, bright pieces to remind us of an intention to uplift, be light, and play.

We love finding our clients the perfect art pieces and we’d love to support you in this process too! Contact us for more information.

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*Top image art by Andrea Byrne. Click here to view this project.


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