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Work From Home Design Inspiration

The working from home stats before and after the spread of COVID-19 are staggering. Would you believe that 88% of the organizations, worldwide, made it mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic? (Review 42). That’s a lot of folks working from home!

This past year we’ve all had to get creative in our homes by necessity, and I think we can agree that having an inspiring work from home (WFH) setup is essential for productivity and maintaining a balanced work/home life.

A WFH space is a dedicated area free of distractions that allows for privacy. Recently, it’s become one of the most searched and sought out design requests. Here are some of our favorite tips and takeaways for creating a functional and beautiful WFH office.

Carve Out The Space

Dedicated WFH areas don’t require a ton of square feet or even an entire room. Often, it’s possible to carve out a space within a space. A popular solution is converting a small closet into a work space, one that can include a custom desk or built-ins and even a sliding door to conceal the area during non-working hours.

Bedroom WFH Offices

Bedrooms serve as a natural solution for a home office, away from distractions and complete with a door for privacy. Consider built-ins along one of the walls, like our project below, that incorporates natural light and custom cabinetry to utilize every inch of space. Above all, go for comfort and visual appeal, keeping with the style of the bedroom.

Work from home design inspiration

Add Color

Pops of color or wallpaper can inspire the mood you want to express. Use this area as an escape and consider the mood a color and/or pattern exudes. Keep in mind you can do things in a smaller area that you wouldn’t necessarily use for an entire room. If you have extra desk or wall space, don’t forget to add artwork or photos that uplift and inspire. And yes, this works for kids attending school at home too!

Add Inspiration

Surrounding yourself with beautiful, meaningful images and objects is guaranteed to create a productive and uplifting space. Adding personal touches, such as art, a scented candle, memorable photo or stack of books, will allow you to craft your own personal jewel box. Install a mood board above your desk where you can pin favorite images for visual and creative inspiration. 

Also, adding a healthy collection of indoor plants can improve the air quality and uplift your mood. This space can not only be productive and organized, it can also be a reminder of dreams, goals and better times to come.

Work From Home Inspiration from Lisa Frantz Interiors

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