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4 Ways the Pandemic Has Reshaped Interior Design

Without a doubt, 2020 and the global pandemic has reshaped interior design. It has changed how we live and breathe on all accounts. It has shifted our focus to the precious spaces we hold and how to make them a much needed sanctuary. 

We’ve seen the impact this past year has made on interior design from both a personal and global scale, as we scrambled to create home offices, pop-up schools, and gyms, significantly changing the way we live.

As we move into 2021, we see the desire to reinvent our homes with a newfound purpose. We embrace the trends that favor comfort over minimalism, sustainability and thoughtful layouts over wasted space, bold colors over beige. Impactful and meaningful design are always of the utmost priority for us, and now feels more important than ever.

Utilizing Every Space

Pandemic Interior Design: Utilize Every Space -Lisa Frantz - New York | Connecticut  | Chicago
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I think we can all agree that the 2020 taught us to use every space to its fullest potential. Each room is being used for at least one purpose (sometimes more) and needs to be well planned out to function effectively.

While open floor plans were all the rage, now people are finding the need for privacy and some level of separation in order to juggle so many home related activities. Rooms need to not only look good but also need to live up to increased use.

Emily Farnham, architect, breaks it down, “A few well-placed doors might save you from Zooming in your laundry room or podcasting from your closet—and might also give your children a chance to truly focus during their online lesson.” (Elle Decor)

Creating a Sanctuary

Pandemic Interior Design: Create a Sanctuary
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2020 was a lot to handle, and people are trying to create uplifting moods at home. The need for comfort in all forms makes perfect sense, and your nervous system will thank you. Create calm and cozy spaces with plushy, sink-into furniture, warm colors, soft materials, candles and any objects that uplift and provide a sense of calm. 

Soothing individual spaces, such as a yoga studio in the corner of your living room or a dedicated meditation nook in your bedroom will allow for those Zen moments. An outdoor space or garden can provide for a bonus room when you add some lounge chairs and a side table.

Bring Back the Colors

Pandemic Interior Design: Bring Back the Colors
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We’re all ready for design that speaks of joy, playfulness and fantasy through colors, patterns and forms. Even the master of color agrees (see our blog on the Pantone color of the year) combining a solid gray with bright yellow Illuminating to celebrate life and hope. 

Another trend we’ve seen is to introduce fun patterns and Zoom friendly backgrounds. Calico Wallpaper, a Brooklyn based company, makes incredible artistic marbled wallpapers with the intention to “move art beyond the frame” (Calico).

Meaningful Objects for the Long Run

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Minimalism and mid-century modern are on the way out and having more objects is in. Not the clutter kind, but pieces that have meaning, purpose and quality. We are paying attention to everything at home now. 

Empty space can feel isolating, so we’re seeing the importance of investing time and energy into carefully selected pieces that evoke positive emotions and will be around for the long run. 

Sustainable, durable brands for our home will continue to grow in prominence. Think artisan over IKEA. “People are creating deeper relationships with the things they have in their rooms because so many more of life’s moments and memories are happening there,” says Bob Williams, President of Design at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. (Forbes)

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