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Playroom Design Ideas from Two Moms and Designers

Want to create a kids’ playroom that will keep them (and you) engaged for hours of stimulating and creative fun? We have a few simple guidelines for the perfect playroom!

Create Distinct Playroom Areas

  • Kids love to jump from one activity to another with lightning speed. As a former Montessori pre-school parent, I have learned that “purposeful movement” keeps the child engaged while teaching valuable fine motor skills and coordination. Playroom options will help develop these skills while providing hours of engagement.
  • Creativity is the mother of all invention! Create a kitchen area, an arts & crafts station, a lego table, a baby nursery, a climbing wall….the list is endless. Take your cues from your child’s passions but be aware that they may quickly move from one phase to another, so be ready to adjust and adapt (more on this topic in the next section!)
  • Kids love secret hiding spaces. Create a small and cozy spot in your playroom so your child can retreat to a warm, safe spot. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as an indoor play house or a teepee, sometimes an expandable tunnel or a large cardboard box is all you need for hours of endless playtime.

 Be Flexible, children change and grow by the minute!

  • You don’t want your playroom to feel dated and outgrown for months or even years after it’s been installed. We always design playrooms for our clients with adaptability in mind. The children in one particular family will range in age and then each child will have their own particular passions as they grow from baby to toddler to teen, not to mention all the states in between. Believe it or not, most kids grow out of their pink or Star Wars obsession before you know it, so best to keep the overall design fun but neutral. Bring in the child’s current favorite characters or colors in easy to replace and less expensive items such as wall decals, banners, or wall art.
  • Include spaces for adults AND children to hang out together. A “family bed” on the floor made of cushions and pillows is the most comfortable way to get down on the floor and spend time together. As the children grow, the family needs will change. Be ready to adapt as your children grow into tweens, a sectional or a bunch of bean bags may be just the trick to keep them happy in their personal space.

Plenty of Playroom Storage

  • Nothing is more satisfying after a creative day of play then returning the toys and books to their homes to anticipate the playroom session. Harkening back my Montessori mom days…. create a beautiful space for the children to play, encourage a massive creative mess and then teach them to clean up in an orderly way. Be a good role model for them…you have created a beautiful playroom for them so teaching them to respect it and their belongings makes for a wildly successful playroom. More here on that topic from How We Montessori!

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