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2018 Hottest Interior Design Trends

This fall, I was honored to be selected to serve on the Baldwin Hardware Design Council. This group of 27 designers and architects from around the country will serve a two year term on an advisory board to share ideas and shape the future of design. For the Baldwin Hardware Design Summit in Los Angeles, we were each asked to provide mood boards of what we individually see as some of the most popular trends in interior design and what we plan to see more of in the year to come. The most interesting part of this presentation is how many of us  touched on the same trends but how differently each designer or architect interpreted the execution of the design trends. Stay tuned for more exciting Baldwin creative projects to be featured here during my two year term!

Contrast Stitch Design Trends

Often known as whip stitch, blanket stitch or catch stitch, these basic sewing stitches have made the leap from apparel to home decor. This stitch has long been used on fabrics, pillows and window covering details but we will be seeing it more often is unexpected places: hardware, furniture backs, bed linens and trim. This tiny subtle detail is a great way to elevate a simple piece of furniture with an unexpected pop of color.


Cane and cane details

Cane is making a big comeback. Formerly relegated to coastal and colonial interiors, contemporary cane is making a mid-century inspired comeback. The most innovative cane furniture so far can be seen at Baker by Kara Mann and Alfonso Marina, two of my favorites from High Point! Cane details are also appearing in hardware and fabric patterns. It’s a 1950’s redux!

Sculptural Geometry

Like a piece of fabulous jewelry, sculptural geometry is a guiding principle for hardware, furniture and lighting designs in the new year. The return to simplicity is a comforting trend that seems to be a response to our turbulent times. The sculpture silhouettes need to do more than just look good…they need to have a nice hand and provide a good vehicle for lush, rich finishes.

Desert Nomad Design Trends

Born from Mid-century modern design, this tribal trend is a contemporary version of desert chic. Earthly materials mixed with tribal rugs and clean-lined furniture silhouettes are suddenly everywhere. Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters have helped to popularize this budget-friendly trend!


Top living room image by Tessa Neustadt via Domino.




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