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Pink and Green, and other delightfully crazy color combos

Mixing, matching and color combining is a delicate art form and we relish the challenge! When you put two colors together in a home, the first question to ask: do they marry well? Blend like old friends? Or clash like arch enemies? Combining unusual colors can feel intuitive and emotional, but there is actually a science behind it.

All colors are made up of different proportions of the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. The color wheel exists to calculate the relationships between these colors. Some colors on opposite sides of the wheel are meant to balance each other, like pink and chartreuse.

Other colors that are adjacent on the wheel can feel edgy and create a push and pull, like blue and yellow.


Pink and green are classic examples of colors that are on the opposite side of the color spectrum. Complimentary hues of pinks and greens can work in stylish harmony. These color combos can scare many who may see visions of Lilly Pulitzer and other ghosts of preppy past! If Palm Beach preppy is not the look that you are going for, don’t fear, it’s all about getting the dose and saturation right!

Color combining pink and green for the younger set!

Interior Designers who do crazy color combos so well….

Fabric companies who do crazy color combos so well….

Tips for making color combos of pink and green work:

  • Add in some black and white, they will act as unifiers
  • Play with saturation: the palest pink acts as a neutral against a bold and vibrant green, like kelly.
  • Try accents in the color range. If you are using carnation and grass green, try accents in either fuschia or mint. Don’t overdo it, just one small accent will give you an edge.

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