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Closet design: What does your dream closet look?

As we wrap up 2016 and launch into the New Year, resolutions are on everyone’s minds and the top of our list for a fresh start is organization! What does your dream closet look like? Although we are known for our ultra glamorous Sex and the City closets of Carrie Bradshaw, we pride ourselves in designing closets for everyday life styles and budgets.

Closet Design Essentials

The most important thing is that your closet is tailored to you…your needs and your lifestyle. Make 2017 all about you and get organized!

closet design

Luxury closet in Brooklyn brownstone for a young family with a glamorous Mom


Custom storage solutions, convenient dressing areas, glamorous design details – these spaces have everything you could want in a closet and then some. Here are some tricks of the trade to get glamorous!

Dream Closet: It’s all in the details

First thing on the agenda for our closet designs is to take inventory. We count the shoes, measure the boots, determine if you are a dress gal or more into pants, assess the jewelry, check out the sunglasses, measure the makeup needs and all the details in between. Special requests are expected….do you need a spot for a safe, fridge, lounge area, tiny makeup sink? Whatever you need, now is the time to plan. Think of your closet as a well-designed kitchen. Functionality is key and it has work for you. Take advantage of awkward corners, shallow walls and spaces under windows. These are clever spots to tuck away shoes, bags and other hard to store items. The best closet layouts have no dead corners and no wasted space!

Ramp up the style and drama of your dream closet

Luxury details make the closet and even the most basic millwork can be brought to life with a few well chosen specialty items

  • Hardware: go for the unexpected. Bring is brass, lucite, crystal, polished nickel and other luxe metals. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with a few fabulous drawer pulls.
  • Lighting: think outside the box when it comes to lighting. In addition to recessed lighting, add some flair with sconces or library lights.
  • Mirror: antique or clear, it doesn’t matter! Mirror always adds a touch of glam. Mirrored vanities in closets are great, if you have the space. Another way to add a bit of sparkle is to put skinny strips of mirror on vertical or horizontal closet dividers to add a bit of drama.
  • Paint the ceiling: great place to bring in an pop of unexpected color and/or shine
  • Cover the floor with luxurious, silky carpet or runners.

Beloved vintage and treasured couture

If you love it, flaunt it! Whatever you really care about should be treated with the upmost respect. One client has a very serious sunglass collection. We honored her specs by lining the drawers with hot pink (her favorite color) suede and customizing the compartments for each pair. The same idea can be accomplished on a budget.

One trip to Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond will enable you to create custom compartments for just about anything. Jewelry is key when it comes to organization. Not only will it keep your goodies looking good and tangle free, you will actually wear it more when it’s organized and in plain site. Same goes for shoes, organize by color or by style. Most of all, being able to see what you’ve got will get you more mileage out of what you already own and might even stop you from overbuying (maybe!)

Retail secrets

Have you ever wondered why retail stores display the clothes the way that they do? It is not arbitrary, there is a very calculated display science behind every successful boutique and department store.

Harmony among the ranks

Color organization is a proven fact! Arrange your clothes by type and then take it one step further and arrange type by color. We have no science to back this up but trust me, it really works. Consistent hangers are another way to keep your closet tidy and orderly. We prefer the slim line flocked hangers from Closette or Real Simple on Amazon because they come in fun colors, like Fuchsia and Kelly Green, with silver and gold hook options. Throw out those dry cleaner wire hangers before they even hit the closet!

Accessorize your heart out

Valet rods, belt hooks and tie racks are essential tools to take your closet to the next level of customization. A valet rod enables you to plan outfits for tomorrow or the future. Reduces your stress level the next morning and keeps you organized and panic-free. Also a good goal for kids’ closets. Children are stressful enough when it comes to getting dressed and out of the house, less clutter and organization can alleviate some of this morning craziness.

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