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Dining Room Design featured in Vogue

Marks & Frantz Dining Room Design for Sex and The City 2 featured in Vogue

Thank you Vogue for featuring one of our interior design projects!

This Sex and the City 2 dining room design was exquisitely executed by our very own set decorator Lydia Marks. The project was just the beginning of Marks & Frantz Interior Design. Read the article here.


The article, written by Samantha Rees, gives some creative and insightful tips to refresh and invigorate your dining room design in 7 easy ways including:

1. Update your tablescape

2. Add a statement piece

3. Use the ceiling as your fifth wall

4. Make the most of your bar cart

5. Set the mood

6. Bring in a mirror

7. Dress up the floor

The dining room Lydia designed for Sex and The City 2 most certainly integrated some of these bullet points that Samantha mentions in the Vogue article. Probably the most prominent one is “setting the mood”. Carrie Bradshaw is a fun, smart, cultured, well-read, sophisticated and social woman. It was important that her apartment reflect who she was and her lifestyle. To set the mood, we utilized books, art, and a colorful palette for home accessories. As a result, the design was simple and chic with a touch of hollywood glamour.

Not too long ago, a young, stylish couple was so inspired by the film and our design in the movie, they hired us to bring the glamour of Carrie’s New York City apartment to their home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Below is a video (filmed by OpenHouseTV) featuring the final design…

Read the Vogue article 7 Easy Ways to Update Your Dining Room.

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