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Sleep like Samantha in Sex and the City

People often ask me if decorating someone’s home is very different from decorating a set for a film like Sex and the City. The answer is yes – and no. Every client is different just like every film set is different.

Sex and the city

Some clients want to see, touch and sit on every piece of furniture I am going to bring into their home. Some will give an approval to the design concept and simply ask that their house is finished by a certain date. There are positives to working both ways, it is really about what makes the client the most comfortable and creating a space that the client really feels is their own and wants to spend time in.

Decorating for a film is similar. I have worked with some directors who need to see a presentation of every single thing that will be on the set. I have also worked on sets where actors dictated some of the key elements of their sets and some that even give an actor complete “set approval”. Sometimes, the production designer and myself will show the interested parties a very basic “mood board” so they get a feel of the set and then I am off and running.

Decorating both Sex and the City films was an incredible experience. There was an amazing level of trust and appreciation between the Director, Production Designer, Actors and myself. While there was a great deal of autonomy in the creative endeavor, there were a few instances where the actors would ask us to look at something in particular that they felt was appropriate for their interior. They knew their characters so well that I was always interested in seeing what they had in mind.

Kim Cattrall is a big fan of D. Porthault bed linens, as am I. When she first asked us to consider them for her bedroom, I was not sure if the brand made sense with her character. However, after looking through some of the patterns (and printed sheets is what they are famous for), I changed my mind. Tigre turquoise was a perfect fit for Samantha and got tons of attention from all the SATC fans!

Tigre bed linens

Tigre in turquoise

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